Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Visitors before accepting the Service, be sure to carefully read this statement. Visitors access to the website of the behavior and use of this website through various acts will be deemed to be approved without objection the entire contents of this statement.

The first visitors to engage in all acts associated with this website (including, but not limited to access to browse, utilize, reprint, promotional description) must act in good faith and prudent manner; visitors shall not intentionally or negligently damage the site all kinds of legitimate rights and interests shall not use this website in any way, directly or indirectly engaged in acts in violation of the laws of the People''s Republic of China, the international conventions and morals.

This website fully respect the intellectual property of the copyright and the trademark of the author of the reprinted articles. This website reasonable reliance republished the original posting site has the consent of the copyright owner''s consent and made to properly handle related issues with copyright holders, this website customers intellectual property its corporate trademarks posted on this site enjoy reasonable reliance, and license this website reasonable use. The website for related articles as well as any customer trademark use is a fair use, and therefore does not assume any liability relating to the intellectual property rights disputes this website. The this website solemnly remind visitors: Please be sure to respect its intellectual property rights in the reprinting of articles or the use of the corporate logo, and otherwise in connection with this website relating to intellectual property disputes Disclaimer. At the same time, on this site are original articles as well as the logo of the website, the website enjoy independent intellectual property rights. Infringement of intellectual property rights in this website, this website reserves the right to pursue their legal obligations.

Article of the kinds of articles published in this website, advertising, visitor views expressed in this website, other sites as well as links to recommended content, only to provide more information reference or learning exchanges, and is not representative of the views of this website , nor does it constitute any investment advice. This site does not guarantee their content, products, services or other material authenticity and legitimacy. For visitors all acts made based on the information provided by this website, the site does not bear any responsibility.

Article of the following situations lead to leakage of personal information, this website Disclaimer:

(A) government departments, the judiciary, in accordance with legal procedures to require the disclosure of personal information, the website will be according to the requirements of law enforcement or public safety purpose of providing personal information;
(B) due to the users personal password to others or share with others registered account, the resulting leakage of personal data;
(C) due to a computer problem, hacker attacks, computer viruses or attacks, caused by the force majeure due to government regulation caused the temporary closure of the network to normal operation the disclosure of personal information, lost, stolen or tampered with, etc.;
(D) personal data leaks and other sites linked to this website.

Outside the fifth this website Ruoyin line and the website control range of hardware failure or other force majeure resulted in disruption of service for all damage caused to the user during the maintenance period, the site does not accept any liability.

Article 6 In addition to the Terms of Service of the site indicate, all other use of this website whatsoever for any accident, negligence, defamation, copyright or intellectual property rights infringement and the resulting loss (including infection by computer virus download) This site does not accept any liability.

Article Ruoyin this website have any legal recourse to proceedings controversial, are the owners of this site Cooper (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., the seat of the court is a court of competent jurisdiction.

Article VIII of this statement was entered into, modify, update, and all final interpretation of the are Cooper (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. website.